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Yellow Orchid


Large White Orchid


Orchid Online | pink orchid-exotic flowers- Phalaenopsis-orchid care- Indoor Plants | House plants | The Little Flower shop

Pastel Pink  and Yellow  Orchid


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Orchid Online, purple flowers, exotic flowers-Phalaenopsis-orchid care- Indoor Plants | House plants | The Little Flowershop | Indoor plants | House plants | The Little Flowershop
Large White Orchid Online | exotic flowers, Phalaenopsis-orchid care- Indoor Plants | House plants | The Little Flowershop

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Orchids (phalaenopsis)

White Purple Orchid online-phalaenopsis-orchid care-exotic flowers-Indoor plants | House plants | The Little Flowershop
Orchid Online | Phalaenopsis-orchid care-exotic flowers-Indoor Plants | House plants | The Little Flowershop

Green and Purple Orchid


Pink Orchid


Orchid Online, purple flowers, Phalaenopsis-orchid care- Indoor Plants | House plants | The Little Flowershop

These beautiful Orchids, also known as Phalaenopsis plants are well loved by many for their ​delightfully colourful, exotic flowers and intricate patterns.  They come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and so make a great fit for any space in your home, office or garden. Orchids make the perfect gift for loved ones and brighten up any home with their delicate and calming presence. They are especially ideal for placement in bedrooms and living rooms given their calming nature, beautiful flowering patterns and the fact that they are very easy to care for. Orchids even have a fabulous medicinal history for use in Chinese herbal remedies dating back thousands of years, and have been used in perfumes!

Many people give orchid plants as gifts because they are historical symbols of elegance and beauty, representing luxury in Victorian England. They are also a great symbol of lasting love given their ability to grow and bloom among rocks, hard ground and withstand all types of weather conditions. As such they are great gifts for Thank Yous, Love, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Friendship, Birthdays and everything in between!

Orchid care: Orchids make a great choice of plant for your home or as a gift because they are really easy to care for. Orchids only need water about once a week and sometimes less depending on the time of year and the temperature and humidity of your home. You can feed your orchid once a week with a special orchid feed formula which you can order from us. If your orchid pot needs changing when it outgrows its pot, you can buy a special orchid compost from us to add to your new pot!

Shop orchids now to buy your orchid plants online and bring some peace, calm and luxury to your home!  Get your orchids gift wrapped for delivery

Note: Vases not included. For vases, see here

Our orchids are delivered to you gift wrapped and simply gorgeous! All orchids are eligible for UK delivery.

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White Purple Orchid


Purple Orchid


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